Outstanding Flooring Products and Maintenance Services

We’re Making a Difference

Inherently Green

Our main objective is to save you money, but Pacific Modular’s unique approach also provides an array of environmental benefits like reduced waste, cleaner air and water, and resource conservation.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

The SaniGLAZE advantage

We rejuvenate flooring using the SaniGLAZE process, a remarkable technology that brings superior polish, fresh scent, and exemplary performance to existing tile.

Dry Carpet Restoration

Maintain your flooring and save money

Revitalize your carpet at a fraction of replacement costs.

Concrete Flooring

Long-lasting wear

Customize your floor’s appearance and enjoy exceptional durability.

Sustainably Inspired

Pacific Modular’s products and processes support environmental stewardship, protect your bottom line, and benefit employee health.

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