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Unlike Residential Carpets where the focus is primarily on comfort, commercial carpet is designed to be more durable because of the high levels of foot traffic that most office carpeting has to endure daily. Identifying the correct carpeting choice can be challenging, which makes room for a professional opinion.

By making use of Portland commercial carpet installation services, one can be better assisted regarding the best type of commercial carpeting that will suit the commercial needs of each individual client, followed by a professional installation process.

Commercial Carpet Installation Process

Measure Area

The first step in carpet installation is to assess how much space one needs to cover. One can measure the total flooring and make note of any unusually shaped areas that may be more difficult to work with during the commercial carpet installation process.

Choose Carpet

Commercial carpeting comes in many different styles, lengths, densities, and textures. By choosing the professionals at Pacific Modular for one’s commercial carpeting, one can be ensured that they will assist clients in deciding which type of carpeting would be best for the particular space.

Prepare Subfloor

When preparing the subfloor, if there is currently flooring installed, it should be removed and disposed of. Once the subfloor is then exposed, it can be prepped before being carpeted.

The Steps in subfloor preparation include the following:

  • Ensuring that all cracks are properly filled in.
  • Remove any nails or staples within the flooring.
  • Smoothing of the subfloor.

Install Carpet

Some may choose to have carpet padding installed, which will be laid down first. Once this padding is secured, the carpet installation process can begin. When it comes to broadloom carpet, this includes cutting the carpet into well-fitting pieces, which will be laid out before being attached to the floor.

Types of Commercial Floor Carpets we do

Commercial Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet tiles provide versatility and flexibility and can be seen as a durable solution for commercial space. One major benefit of this flooring option is that one can easily replace damaged or stained tiles. This flooring option is available in many options and custom patterns and is seen as the most comfortable flooring option for an office or commercial space.

Commercial Carpet Planks

Commercial carpet planks allow for mixtures in colors and designs, making custom design and layout an option for commercial spaces. They are a clean and highly cost-effective carpet solution that can be replaced easily and affordably.

Commercial Carpet Rolls

Carpet rolls are normally priced cheaper per square foot than carpet tiles or planks as they will cover a larger area. They are seen as a great choice for budget-friendly projects as well as large jobs where one needs to cover a high volume of square footage.

Features of Commercial Carpet Flooring

When choosing Pacific Modular as one’s commercial carpet installation contractor, one can enjoy the following features:


Commercial carpeting is known to be durable, meaning that it has longevity and will not cost a high amount when it comes to repairs or replacements. For restaurants and other high-foot traffic businesses, durability can also affect safety, as damaged carpeting may lead to slipping or tripping of staff and clients which can be a costly accident.


Commercial carpeting is priced by the square yard. When installing commercial carpeting throughout one’s business one should focus on an inexpensive but high-quality option.

Some may advise that to ensure the carpet lasts, one should spend a little more initially to save on future costs.


Commercial carpeting and the different types offer a variety of textures, patterns, and colors which all impact the final effect that this flooring option will have in one’s commercial space.

By using a professional commercial carpeting contractor such as Pacific Modular, clients can be guided as to the style that would best match the essence of their business or commercial environment.


As carpeting is one of the higher maintenance choices, it requires regular vacuuming and can become discolored with heavy foot traffic. Pacific Modular offers convenient carpet cleaning services as well, meaning that aside from their carpet installation services, they are also available for all maintenance thereafter with their commercial carpet cleaning services.

Businesses We Serve

Commercial Buildings

Commercial carpeting can be used in commercial buildings that are used for commercial purposes and contain many types of businesses such as retailers, restaurants, offices, manufacturers, and warehouses.


Places of an educational institution for teaching and learning, as well as places for training in a special field or skill. Examples of such businesses where carpeting can be installed can be seen as dancing schools or a college and universities.

Class A Buildings

Class A buildings are known to have prime central locations with exceptional accessibility. They are also known to usually be of significant size, making them in need of a large area of floor covering.

They are not always newly built and sometimes may be older distinguished buildings with long-standing ownership in prime markets. As a result of their market presence, they may provide professional services like law firms, architecture firms, advertising agencies, or financial management companies.

Healthcare Facilities

A health facility can be defined as any location where healthcare is provided and can range from small clinics and doctor’s offices to urgent care centers and hospitals. Some of which will include emergency rooms and trauma centers.

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