Since 1990

We improve our customers’ quality of life by creating clean, healthy workspaces that look and feel right. 

30 years ago

Pacific Modular began as a father-son business selling commercial flooring by day, furnishing and installing by night.

In 1990, we discovered low moisture carpet maintenance, which lets us significantly extend the lifespan of carpets we clean. More importantly, it guarantees our customers a higher quality of life by creating cleaner, healthier workspaces. That matters to us.

Our expertise now includes concrete, hardwood, textiles, tile & grout, and hard surfaces, as well as important supplementary services like infection prevention. Our priority is still making sure our customers have healthier floors that last longer and look better. We’ve found ways to keep that promise on any surface.

We also pride ourselves on having learned from our experience. Over the years we’ve refined our own unique tools and processes, including our dry extraction carpet maintenance, or our SaniGLAZE restoration for tile and grout. The benefit of caring about just one thing for so long is that you learn all the best ways to do it.

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Our Clients

We work with some of the largest employers in the PNW. Our clients trust us to provide them with the best materials and service— and we do— but more than that, they trust us to listen. We approach every job as a unique challenge with unique requirements, and we believe that individualized approach is why we’ve been able to maintain these relationships for years and decades.


Improving Quality of Life

It’s a lot easier to be happy and productive in a clean workspace. We create cleaner, healthier environments from the ground up.

Extending Floor Life

Great flooring should last a long time, and we pride ourselves on great flooring. Our philosophy is that proper care and maintenance is the single most important factor for your floors and out values replacement almost every time. We’re confident we can prove it.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

We are a team focused on taking care of the environment. Our processes are built on waste reduction principles and the use of environmentally friendly chemistries.





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Pacific Modular - Overview

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