Perfect planning. Precise execution.

Installing commercial flooring isn’t really about the floors themselves. It’s about the scale and scope of the job, the intricacies of each location, room, and material...and having the skill, foresight, and experience to manage all those variables on a tight deadline even when unpredictable obstacles arise.

It’s a job worth doing right, and an expensive, dangerous one when done badly. For thirty years, the Pacific Northwest has trusted us to get it right, and we continue to pride ourselves on earning and rewarding that trust.


The floors we install don’t just look great, they last longer. When everything’s done right the first time, you save a fortune on repairs, refurbishments, and replacements.

We do it all. Whether you’re looking for carpet, concret, tile, hardwood or something more specialized, we know the specific need and conditions for a great install for any material.

We expect the unexpected. On big jobs, there are always unforeseen variables, so having an adaptive, experienced crew is essential.


Your Satisfaction is Our Reputation

After over thirty years of installs, Pacific Modular is the leader in commercial flooring for the PNW. We got there by making sure every job was done right, and every customer was happy not just with the floor they got, but with the service and interactions along the way. We maintain our reputation by holding ourselves to that same standard today; as far as we’re concerned, the job isn’t done until you’re happy with the results.


Adhesives, Chemistries, Transitions and Wall Bases

What goes into an installation? Not just down reams of carpet or planks of wood. Which adhesives work for what materials in which climates, and how their specific chemistries might interact with one another, or whatever sealing, cleaning, or maintenance chemicals might be in play later? How do you find and install the right wall bases and transitions to create a comfortable, good-looking, unified property? These are the kinds of questions we make sure we know how to answer.

Project Management

Project Management

The key component of any successful installation isn’t a specific material or methodology, it’s project management. When you hire us for a job, we’re going to run it ourselves— no unknown contractors or shortcuts— from beginning to end, and provide regular check-ins, follow-throughs, and updates, so you know exactly how your project is going and when it will be finished. Having experienced managers on-site means that when unexpected challenges crop up, we have the right people in place to address them and keep your job on track.

Infection Prevention

Let’s see what your floors can be.