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Installation. Restoration. Rejuvenation.

Nothing beats the classic look of a hardwood floor… and almost nothing is as difficult to maintain in a commercial setting. Every plank requires special care and attention, and the right combination of finish, oils, and stains to retain its original color and sheen.

Wood’s more susceptible to environmental factors than almost any other flooring, and knowing how to protect it against moisture, heat, and other hazards can be the difference between a floor that lasts a few years, and one that lasts a few decades.

The not-so-hidden message here is that an excellent hardwood floor requires expert care and maintenance. We’ve built our reputation for over thirty years by providing exactly that.


It takes an experienced professional to do hardwood & specialty flooring jobs properly. These materials take true expertise and familiarity, and we’re well-stocked in both.

The right adhesives, oils, and stains. There is no universal treatment for hardwood flooring. We treat every floor with a custom blend specially tailored to maximize its lifespan and luster.  

Continuity is key. We know everything there is to know about any flooring we install, and that makes us uniquely suited to provide the best possible long term maintenance.

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Wood & Specialty Flooring

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Hardwood floors aren’t cheap to begin with, but they’re never more expensive than when they require constant repairs and replacements after a sub-par hardwood floor installation and maintenance. We make sure that’s not a concern for our clients, with careful, expert installation processes and constant project management and supervision. It’s a hard job that’s worth doing right, and we’ve built our company on a reputation for being the ones who nail it every single time.

Wood & Specialty Flooring Service

Rejuvenation, Restoration, & Repair

Wood ages, but it doesn’t need to look like it. You’d be amazed at the time-traveling effects a careful rejuvenation project can yield for an older floor. It takes a lot of careful chemistry and craft to perfect the right cocktail of stains, oils, and other treatments to bring old wood back to life, but it’s one of our favorite kinds of projects. There’s an art to it on our side, which makes it fun, and it saves our clients a fortune on replacement flooring, which makes it smart.

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Specialty Flooring

Our expertise goes far beyond hardwood. Whether you’re looking for rubber, cork, custom walk-off mats, bolon, or any other sort of specialty flooring, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the same level of knowledge and service no matter the material. Every type of specialty comes with its own special benefits and challenges, and we’re well versed in every single one of them. Tell us what you want, and we’ll not only make sure you get it, we’ll show you how to keep it in tiptop shape for years after the install.


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