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Importance of Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and grout can be expensive and inconvenient to replace or repair, as well as maintain, which makes cleaning these floors so important. Pacific Modular offers a SaniGLAZE restoration process to eliminate all problems. When using SaniGLAZE for tile and grout cleaning, one’s flooring can look better than brand new, while protecting one’s floor against stains, odors, mold, and other common problems.


The SaniGLAZE Process

The SaniGLAZE process eliminates the challenges associated with trying to clean and maintain stained and unsanitary tile & grout surfaces. This multi-step process not only restores tile and grout surfaces to their original beauty, but it also eliminates porosity to keep them that way – safe, sanitary and beautiful.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning/Restoration Process

Step 1

During the first step of the tile and grout cleaning process, with the use of an effective extraction process, all stains and odors will be removed from the tile and grout.

Step 2

Next, the SaniGLAZE will be bonded to existing grout, and through this restorative bonding process, it will make the grout look brand new while keeping the color consistent and protecting it from moisture.

Step 3

During the final step in the tile and grout cleaning process, a protective coating is applied over the entire surface. These long-lasting coatings are available in a clear formulation to restore color and provide an additional layer of protection.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Making Sure Your Tile and Grout Stays Clean

How? After the embedded contaminants are removed, a proprietary armor-like polymer is applied to the grout. This rigorously tested material bonds permanently with the clean grout making it non-porous so dirt stays on the surface. Next, the entire surface is coated with a proprietary protective coating that creates a better-than-new surface integrity.

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Immediate Results and Service That Lasts… Our Promise to You

Once we restore your tile and grout surfaces to their original luster, color and clarity, we keep them that way with the EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan. The exclusive program is our promise to you to keep your tile and grout surfaces clean and pristine for a lifetime. Entrust your tile and grout to the professional care of your local SaniGLAZE service provider and enjoy years of beauty.

Types of Tile Floors We Clean and Restore

Pacific Modular offers the following cleaning, restoration, and maintenance services:

  • Tile and grout restoration
  • Hard surface maintenance
  • Concrete polishing and maintenance
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Commercial carpet cleaning


Why hire tile contractors or a regrouting service? Isn’t this just something you can do yourself with a YouTube tutorial and a free weekend? Not so much. There are a lot of reasons tile installation, cleaning, and regrouting is a job you don’t want to take on yourself. Here are a few of the biggest.

1) It’s hard work that’s hard to do well. Not only is it labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it’s really easy to mess up, and difficult to fix when you do. DIY jobs almost always come out looking badly— you probably have a friend with bathroom tiles you just pictured that prove it— and fixing a bad job is often more expensive than doing a good one.

2) Professionals can clean it deeper. No matter how hard you scrub— oh, and be careful with that, over-scrubbing can damage your grout— you’ll never be able to fight bacteria as effectively as professional tile cleaning and regrouting services who have accesses to proprietary chemicals and processes specially designed to get deep in the grout and root out the nasty stuff.


3) Your time is valuable. Tile and grout installation and maintenance is time-consuming work; even if you are skilled enough to do it yourself, do you really want to? At a commercial scale, you’re likely talking about thousands of square feet you’ll need to cover, hunched over on your hands and knees, sweating it out to do something that’s really no fun for most people (but don’t worry, we actually love it).

4) Commercial jobs don’t just look better, they last longer. The other upshot of letting a commercial tile & grout installation, regrouter, or cleaning service handle things is that your floor will last a lot longer before it needs attention again. Professional services have access to sealants and cleaners that are designed to extend the lifespan of your floors and preserve your grout in ways that over-the-counter cleaners can’t. If you’re committed to doing it yourself, you’re going to be doing it a lot.

5) No substitute for knowledge. There’s a lot to know even when selecting what sort of grout is best for your job. Do you want sanded grout (cheaper, but more porous and likely to stain) or epoxy (non-porous, doesn’t stain easily, very expensive)? Might you be better served by Pacifc Modular’s sanded glaze? It’s similar to epoxy in that it’s non-porous and stain resistant, but unlike epoxy it can also adhere to existing sanded grout and spare you an expensive removal process. It’s also much more flexible than epoxy grout, and therefore a lot less likely to crack as buildings settle and shift over time.

Tile Grout Restoration Seattle

Why Pacific Modular?

Well, for starters, we’re the only option for tile installation in Seattle that offers SaniGLAZE. It’s pretty clearly the best option for most commercial grout jobs, both in terms of look and longevity, so we consider that a pretty major value add. We’ve also got our exclusive SaniMAX restoration process, which can rejuvenate your existing grout and tile to make it look years younger while simultaneously protecting for years to come.
The biggest reason to trust us, though? Our thirty years of experience and expertise. We’ve seen it all and done it all, and we’ve built our reputation on customer satisfaction. As far as we’re concerned, the job isn’t done until you’re happy with it.


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Tile & Grout FAQs

Is tile and grout cleaning worth it?

If you’re asking this question, you probably already know the answer. But yes, it’s absolutely worth it to maintain your tile and grout… unless the grout is already ruined and beyond saving. Or, at least, seemingly beyond saving. You’d be surprised what our restoration process can do for grout that looks like it’s at the end of the road.

How do you maintain tile grout?

Never use acidic cleaners on your grout, if you can help it. Look for pH neutral cleaners. Acidic cleaners are one of the leading causes of grout failure; people gravitate to them because they believe that these cleaners make their grout look better… but in the long run, all they’re really doing is making sure they’re going to need new grout, and probably another expensive tile installation with it.

Is tile and grout cleaner harmful?

It can be, but using a pH neutral cleaner will help a lot. There are certified green grout cleaners on the market now, which are always pH neutral. They’re also much better for the environment, so we recommend those for several reasons.

How much does it cost to professionally clean tile and grout?

It will vary depending on the type of tile and grout, as well as the format, size, and coating. A general ballpark figure would be between 25 and 75 cents per square foot… so long as you only mean a cleaning. Restoration is considerably more expensive (but also accomplishes considerably more, as it both rebuilds and protects your grout in ways that cleaning doesn’t).

How do professionals clean tile and grout?

We use a lot of specialized machinery, and it can vary pretty dramatically from job to job. We want to be able to get into the grout lines with either a machine with a brush head that can really dig deep into those grooves, a gentler soft deck brush, or in some cases something really aggressive. We also use a wetvac at the end of every job to make sure we get all the dirty water and moisture out of the environment to keep it from seeping back into the grout.

How much does it cost to seal tile grout?

It will depend on the sealer, and the specifics of the job. A good estimate if probably 50-100 cents per square foot for a “normal” job. Does the previous sealant need to be stripped first? Removing old sealant can add a lot of extra time to sealing jobs.

How do I know if my grout is sealed?

It probably isn’t. Roughly 85% of grout is unsealed, though it can be very difficult to tell unless there’s some sealer remaining on the tiles themselves. If your grout is showing signs of staining, mold, chipping, or odor, those are all good signs that it’s either not sealed or very badly sealed.

Is it necessary to seal tile grout?

Absolutely. Sealing your grout will extend the life of your floor, and protect your tile installation against odors, mold, and other unwanted complications for years. It will both look and smell better, and be significantly easier to maintain.

How often should grout be sealed?

This is another “it depends,” answer, particularly in a commercial space where foot traffic can vary pretty dramatically. A safe “unless there’s something weird” average is probably about four times a year.

Finding Tile Contractors in Seattle

You’ve found one. Pacific Modular has over thirty years experience providing Seattle’s tile installation and grout restoration, and we’re the only tile contractors in Seattle who offer the SaniGLAZE restoration process. We quite literally do more for tile and grout and than anyone else in the city.


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