Floors That Look Better & Last Longer

Restore. Refresh. Rejuvenate.

Regular maintenance keeps your floor looking its best. Exceptional maintenance keeps it looking that way a whole lot longer.

When it comes to making a commercial floor last, there’s a lot more to it than a simple weekly cleaning. If you’re talking carpet, then you need to be using an extraction process that preserves the underlying fibers while eradicating moisture and bacteria. For concrete or tile, you need the right sealants, the right tools to polish and shine without scuffing, and the expertise to restore even damaged or stained flooring. For hardwood, you don’t only need to know the right oils, stains, and treatments for your flooring, you need to know how to apply them, and what environmental factors you need to consider when you do.

But when it comes right down to it? What your floors need most of all is someone who knows what they’re doing.


We love to make recommendations on getting the most out of your floors, both to help them look their best… and to make sure they last their longest.

We don’t hide the value of maintenance. Often overlooked, we know that proper, expert-level maintenance saves our clients thousands in avoidable repair and replacement costs.

Our track record includes three decades of service to some of the PNW’s largest and most diverse commercial companies; we’ve seen it all, and we’ve done it all.

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Cleaner Air & Infection Prevention

Did you know your flooring is also your building’s largest air filter? A properly maintained floor doesn’t just look better, it provides your employees with healthier, fresher air and protects them from all sorts of potential bacteria & infections. We use many specialized and proprietary processes tailored to each type of flooring to guarantee you the safest, cleanest workspace possible.

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Dry Extraction Carpet Maintenance

We’re the leading commercial flooring company in the PNW who offers dry extraction carpet maintenance. Dry extraction is unique in that it actually preserves and rejuvenates the carpet fibers, instead of wearing them down… and where wet extraction merely suppresses stains and bacteria, dry extraction actually removes them. It’s also much easier on the environment; we save over 300,000 gallons of water per year for our clients while providing cleaner, safer carpeting.

Much More Than Carpet

While dry extraction cleaning only works on carpet, we have other special tools to get the most out of LVT, concrete, hardwood, specialty flooring, VCT, and just about anything else. For instance, our SaniGLAZE treatment for Tile & Grout restores grout that would otherwise need to be torn out and replaced, and protects it against future damage and bacteria in the process. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to protect and restore any floor, regardless of material.

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Let’s see what your floors can be.