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Why Do You Need a Commercial Cleaner?

People often wonder why they need a commercial carpet cleaning service, and it’s a fair question to ask. After all, a lot of us have carpets at home, and we don’t need professional carpet cleaning services for those, do we?

Well, the workplace is a bit different. Much higher traffic, and much less control over who— and what— is going over your carpets. While the janitorial services employed in most workplaces are very good at what they do, what they do is more “dirt removal,” and less “carpet maintenance.” They aren’t so much taking care of your underlying flooring as they are providing, well… janitorial services. At a commercial scale, your carpets need a bit more than that.

If we were to boil it down, there are four core reasons to hire commercial carpet cleaners in Seattle. Three of them you’ve probably already thought of, but the fourth might surprise you.



Obviously, nobody’s going to get your carpets cleaner than a commercial carpet cleaning; it’s literally what we’re here for.

commercial carpet cleaning


Professional carpet cleaners might seem expensive conceptually, but we actually represent a huge savings for our clients; because of our expertise in maintaining and rejuvenating carpets, they last for years longer than they would otherwise, giving you more bang for your original carpeting buck.

commercial carpet cleaning


Sure, you can clean your own carpets, but that’s not why you’re at work, and it’s not what your employees signed up to do, either.

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Here’s the one you might not have seen coming. Believe it or not, your floor is your building’s single largest air filter, so dirty carpets can do some pretty awful things to air quality. They’re a sneaky breeding ground for mold and mildew, especially in a damp climate like Seattle. Commercial carpet cleaners can do more to fight those threats and give your employees cleaner, safer working environments. Of course, one of Seattle’s professional carpet cleaning services does quite a bit more than the others…

commercial carpet cleaning service

Why Pacific Modular is the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Seattle


Pacific Modular has refined the commercial carpet cleaning process in Seattle using dry extraction. Most other services use wet extraction, which strips fibers and shortens your carpet’s life expectancy while forcing stains deeper rather than removing them… meaning they’ll eventually reappear. If you’ve heard horror stories of carpets looking worse after a professional cleaning, wet extraction is probably your culprit. Since wet extraction is by nature, well, wet, it’s also less effective at fighting mold, and can even cause more to grow in some cases.

Dry extraction, on the other hand, helps rejuvenate carpet fibers, extending the lifespan of the carpet dramatically vs. wet extraction or DIY cleaning. It’s also way easier on the environment; Pacific Modular saves over 300,000 gallons of water per year by using dry extraction instead of wet.

Bottom line: We get your carpets the cleanest, make your workplaces healthier doing it, and conserve hundreds of thousands of gallons of water in the process.

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Seattle Carpet Cleaning FAQs

How much does it cost to clean commercial carpet?

Not nearly as much as it costs to replace one, which— if you’ll forgive us for being totally frank— is ultimately the alternative. To give a more concrete answer is tricky, as different carpets require different levels of attention and special care, but in general most commercial carpet cleaning in Seattle will cost somewhere between 8 and 12 cents per square foot.

What is the best industrial carpet cleaner?

Specific chemistries work best on specific materials, so the “best” cleaner will vary from carpet to carpet. It will also depend on the specific stain you might be trying to treat. In general, you want to try to counter the pH of your stain, so if it’s an acidic stain you want to use an alkaline cleaner, and vice versa. Of course, that’s an awful lot of science to bother with for every single stain, so it’s generally best to let us worry about those kind of hyper-specific headaches for you.

What kind of carpet cleaner do professionals use?

We use a very wide variety of cleaners. Our goal is to provide the best treatment for each individual carpet, so we make a point of equipping ourselves with cleaners that are well-suited to a wide range of different materials, stains, underlying surfaces, and other environmental factors. We might not know exactly what we’re going to need until we can see the carpet for ourselves, so we err on the side of being overprepared.

Does professional carpet cleaning really work?

Yes. While Pacific Modular has been able to expand into a lot of other areas, we built our business on providing world class commercial carpet cleaning. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years; if it was a hustle or a gimmick, somebody would have gotten wise to us by now. We’ve been able to thrive for so long because not only does professional carpet cleaning really work, in our case it provides enough value, quality of life, and peace of mind for our customers that they keep bringing us back to do it again.

Why does my carpet look worse after cleaning?

Because you hired the wrong cleaners. Sorry. The only reason your carpet would look worse after a professional carpet cleaning job would be if the job was done badly, particularly if a wool carpet was cleaned poorly. In our experience, the most frequent culprit of “I just had this carpet cleaned, why does it look even worse?” syndrome is the wet extraction carpet cleaning methods favored by most of the industry. Wet extraction will almost always leave a carpet looking nice the day they’re cleaned, but since it often hides and suppresses stains rather than removing them, those stains tend to return…and since wet extraction introduces more moisture into the environment, they often bring new mold, mildew, and other grime with them when they do.

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

Neither. We hate to sound like a broken record, but seriously, please, for the sake of your carpets: use dry extraction. You generally won’t see shampoo used in commercial settings anyway; that’s more the province of at-home cleaning or janitorial services, who aren’t up to the needs of a commercial job.  Most “steam” cleaning is just wet extraction by another name. If dry extraction isn’t an option for whatever reason, we recommend low moisture extraction, which is essentially wet extraction’s more responsible older brother; does a more thorough job, and leaves a lighter environmental footprint.


Finding A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Seattle

You’ve already found one. Pacific Modular has been caring for Seattle’s commercial carpets for over thirty years, and our dry extraction process is better for your carpets, your wallet, and the environment than the alternatives. If that sounds like a boast, well… ok, it’s a little bit of a boast, but we’ve got thirty years of experience to back it up if you’ll let us.

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