Commercial Concrete Floor Restoration Service in Seattle


What is Concrete Restoration?

Concrete restoration is the process of repairing old and damaged concrete, making it refreshed and restored appearance. This process is useful as it will extend the lifespan of the concrete surface and in return, prevents minor issues that could potentially lead to damage of more significance.

Our Commercial Concrete Restoration Process

Concrete Cleaning

Pacific Modular offers professional concrete cleaning, maintenance, and sealing. With their concrete polishing services, they incorporate the right abrasives and equipment to grind out stains, factoring in the depth of the stain and the number of layers that need to be removed.

Once this process is complete, they can then polish every inch to create the perfect result and concrete sheen.


Patching Overlay and Epoxy Injections

The patching overlay process includes milling down the affected problematic area and then repairing it with a new layer. The process of using epoxy injections includes repairing non-moving cracks in areas such as concrete walls, slabs, columns, and piers and is a process that is capable of restoring the concrete to its original state and strength before it was cracked.

Concrete Sealants

Sealing is vital in keeping concrete floors safe from incidental stains, while regular maintenance rejuvenates floors. Coatings can make concrete floors stain-resistant, more durable, and create a better look.

Whether one is looking to improve traction, extend the floor’s lifespan, or just add some visual pleasure to a workspace, Pacific Modular guarantees to have a coating to suit almost all Seattle concrete restoration needs.

Common Concrete Problems We Fix


As concrete hardens and dries it shrinks, because of water that evaporates from it. If there is excess water in the freshly poured concrete, or water from the building settling, the shrinkage rate will be increased which will result in cracks.

Though shrinkage is one of the main reasons for cracks in concrete, fluctuating temperatures within an environment can also cause concrete to crack.


Concrete spalling is the breakdown of concrete that is caused by standing water, natural weathering, and chemical reactions. This breakdown can result in areas of cement chipping off from the main body, which can lead to fractured and compromised concrete.

What exactly does concrete spalling look like? Spalling concrete can often look like round or oval dents along the surfaces of cement. This problem tends to occur more commonly in cold climates when de-icing chemicals are applied to the concrete or when seasonal freeze-thaw cycles damage the concrete.

Uneven Concrete

The reasons for concrete becoming uneven can vary but can be pinpointed down to a few primary causes, such as water issues, dry soil conditions, poor compaction, and pest and animal influences.

In terms of concrete floor bulges, this happens when there is a plumbing leak. When clay absorbs water, it will naturally expand which creates an intense force on the concrete floor causing a bump to develop.

Our Commercial Concrete Restoration Options


Commercial concrete resurfacing is a thin cement-based overlay that is mixed with special bonding products. It is then poured over existing concrete and sticks to create a beautiful and smooth new surface. As the new surface dries it gets stronger and becomes more durable.
With Pacific Modular concrete restoration, one can take on the project of redoing concrete floors such as:

  • Commercial building concrete floors
  • Concrete hallways
  • Concrete Lobbies
  • Resurfacing Concrete Driveways: Creating a smooth even surface for all vehicles.
  • Resurfacing Concrete Patios: Attending to all cracks and uneven areas.
  • Resurfacing Walkways: Cement floor refinishing to create a safer walkway for individuals.
  • Resurfacing Pool Decks: Resurfacing cement flooring to ensure safety and prevent further damage.

Benefits of Concrete Restoration:


For commercial concrete floors or tiles, one needs the right sealants, the right tools to polish and shine without scuffing, as well as the expertise to restore damaged or stained flooring.

Here are a few benefits of choosing Pacific Modular for all Seattle Concrete Restoration needs:

  • A top advantage of concrete restoration is that it is less expensive than new construction.
  • Concrete restoration produces the appearance of having brand new concrete on a building.
  • Immediate Improvement of the overall look and repair of any cracks that were structural problems before.
  • Pacific Modular does not hide the value of maintenance and believes that proper, expert-level maintenance saves their clients thousands in avoidable repair and replacement costs.
  • Their track record includes three decades of service to some of the PNW’s largest and most diverse commercial companies.
  • Their options of commercial floor cleaning and maintenance provide businesses with the option to provide employees with healthier, fresher air. This result protects individuals from all sorts of potential bacteria and infections within the workspace.
  • They use many specialized processes tailored to each type of flooring to guarantee clients the safest, cleanest work environment possible.
  • They provide restoration for carpet, concrete, tile, and hardwood.
  • Their experienced and adaptive team can attend to unforeseen elements that could potentially be overlooked by an amateur attending to the job.
  • Commercial concrete resurfacing is faster and cheaper than replacement, which is one of the main reasons that Pacific Modular recommends it.
  • They offer exclusive techniques such as their SaniGLAZE treatment specifically for tile and grout. This treatment provides restoration and protects flooring in ways that many other Seattle Concrete Restoration services may not be capable of.
  • They believe in the principle of sustainability, as well as recycling old materials and choosing restoration over replacement. This result creates a reduced amount of waste generated by their business.
  • Concrete restoration is faster and cheaper.

Commercial Concrete Floor Restoration Near You in Seattle, WA

Avoid the headache of starting from scratch and choose Pacific Modular for all Seattle Concrete Restoration needs. Call Pacific Modular today for a free quote! Alternatively, you can contact us via our convenient online form or call our team and let’s get talking about your next restoration project!

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