Commercial Concrete Floor Restoration Service in Portland


Are you considering investing in concrete floor restoration for your business in Portland? Pacific Modular provides comprehensive restoration and resurfacing services to maintain and improve your commercial properties in and around Portland.

Learn more about the value of commercial concrete repair and cement floor refinishing below. We will discuss the Pacific Modular process, common concrete problems, and how redoing concrete floors helps improve your business.

What Is Concrete Restoration?

What is commercial concrete resurfacing? At Pacific Modular, we refinish cement floors using a comprehensive process that repairs cracks and creates a new surface. This process is far more cost-effective than completely replacing or redoing a concrete floor.

Our Commercial Concrete Restoration Process

Pacific Modular believes in using a sustainable process that helps minimize the cost and unwanted ecological effects of replacing concrete in or around commercial properties. Learn more about this process and how it strengthens your existing concrete.

Concrete Cleaning

The concrete cleaning phase focuses on removing debris and set-in stains from the existing cement that needs restoration and resurfacing services. The Pacific Modular team will use advanced abrasives to grind away unappealing stains and prepare the surface for the next steps.

Some commercial properties may only need grinding, polishing, and resealing, but this will depend on the state of your existing concrete. Other businesses may require a bit more detailed attention to restore the cement. This is where our experts stand apart from the competition.

Patching Overlays & Epoxy Injection

Depending on the current state of your concrete structures, our team may determine that certain areas need patching overlays or epoxy injection. Patches help fill in dented or damaged areas, while epoxy injections repair specific types of cracks in walls, slabs, or concrete columns.

Concrete Sealants

The final stage of expert concrete floor restoration in Portland involves sealing the new layer of concrete with unique compounds to prevent stains and extend the floor’s lifespan. Some sealants have additional properties to meet unique goals and purposes, ranging from heavy-duty industrial applications and food service settings to hotel lobbies and hospitals.

Common Concrete Problems We Fix

Why would you invest in concrete restoration for your commercial property? Professional concrete floor refinishing and restoration repair numerous issues that can develop in cement structures in or around your business.


Concrete can develop cracks while drying or after years of temperature fluctuations. The main cause of cracking concrete is evaporating water and seasonal contraction and expansion. Failing to address these cracks harms the structural integrity of your concrete features.


You might be dealing with spalling if you notice strange dents in your concrete. Spalling occurs when water pools on the concrete or, in some cases, because of the chemical reactions between the concrete and seasonal de-icing compounds.

These dents are unsightly and can lead to other damages as water and chemicals seep into the newly formed crevices.

Uneven Concrete

Concrete can become uneven because of various factors over which you may not have control. Soil can shift and settle as time passes, water may flood the area, or pests can burrow under the cement and force it to move.

You’ll need expert restoration services to create a smooth and durable surface in every situation.

Refinishing concrete floors around your business will create a pleasing and functional floor that is perfect for your needs. You can rely on Pacific Modular to create a long-lasting refinished concrete floor to beautify and reinforce the strength of your commercial property.

Our Commercial Concrete Restoration Options in Portland, OR

Does your location need expert attention to restore and refinish your concrete? Explore the best options for concrete floor restoration in Portland. Pacific Modular offers the following concrete floor restoration services:

Resurfacing Concrete Driveways

Concrete refinishing is an ideal option for uneven, cracked, or pitted concrete driveways, drive-throughs, and parking lots. Maintaining these critical areas helps prevent damage to the vehicles that use your property.

Resurfacing Concrete Patios

Patios are fantastic gathering places for employees and customers, but they should be smooth and resilient to the constant foot traffic they endure daily. Patio resurfacing repairs unsafe cracks or uneven places that might cause harmful falls and lead to unwanted lawsuits.

Resurfacing Walkways

A refinished concrete surface can greatly improve safety by reducing fall hazards in the most frequented zones of your business. You can choose from different sealants to provide a smooth, glossy finish or explore non-slip textures for greater safety.

Resurfacing Pool Decks

Your pool deck may be prone to spalling or cracking due to repeated exposure to standing water. Refinishing concrete surfaces like your pool deck will help strengthen the cement, and expert sealing techniques will help prevent future damage.

Benefits of Concrete Restoration

Are you considering investing in concrete or cement restoration for your business? Explore the benefits of commercial concrete restoration services from Pacific Modular in Portland, OR:

Concrete restoration is more cost-effective than removing and replacing your concrete structures.

Resurfacing your existing concrete improves the overall aesthetic of your commercial building.

Professional repair and resurfacing services reinforce the strength of your existing cement.

The Pacific Modular team relies on over 30 years of experience and industry knowledge to adapt to and overcome any challenges on your worksite.

Pacific Modular carries exclusive techniques and tools that create spectacular and durable results in your concrete restoration project.

Additionally, Pacific Modular offers a wide selection of restoration and cleaning services for carpets, textiles, tiles, and hardwood. Our team is ready to talk to you about your commercial restoration goals and provide a free quote to help you begin your project.

Commercial Concrete Floor Restoration Near You in Portland, OR

Are you searching for a reliable concrete restoration professional? Pacific Modular provides expert restoration for concrete, cement, and other elements around your business. Take the next step toward beautifying your commercial property with our experienced team.

Contact us via our convenient online form or call our team for a free quote for concrete floor restoration in Portland today.

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