Commercial Concrete Flooring Service in Portland


Concrete flooring is a leading choice for Portland businesses. With excellent benefits and the possibility to use your existing concrete floors, Portland commercial concrete floor polishing is a superior option.

Pacific Modular provides the concrete floor services Portland businesses can rely on. Our offerings include concrete floor polishing, restoration, coating, sealing, and staining to transform your concrete floor into something beautiful.

Concrete Flooring in Portland – Our Process

Whether you want a smooth, glossy finish to completely restore your existing floor or a simple polish to make an old floor shine, the Pacific Modular team can quickly achieve your goals. Our process is stress-free and streamlined for your convenience, and we’ll discuss your needs regarding concrete flooring and determine the ideal services. From there, we’ll:

  • Utilize state-of-the-art grinding machines to polish and grind damaged spots
  • Coat flooring to improve traction
  • Seal your concrete flooring to prevent staining and further damage

Types of Concrete Floor Services We Offer in Portland

We can enhance and update concrete floors using various methods:

Concrete Floor Polishing

Polishing concrete floors can significantly increase the flooring’s shine. Our team uses high-quality diamond studded polishers to grind away blemishes and flatten the concrete—higher grit results in a shinier, more polished appearance.

A newly polished concrete floor is beautiful and glossy but requires regular maintenance. Without coating and sealing, the floor will eventually lose its shine and is susceptible to staining. High-traffic areas are most at risk for discoloration.

Concrete Floor Restoration

Sustainable practices allow Portland’s commercial businesses to save money on concrete flooring. Instead of getting a new concrete floor installation in Portland, consider concrete floor restoration. We’ll use industry-standard restoration practices to give life to your old floor without replacing it.

Our restoration process includes:

  • Filling Cracked Concrete
  • Repairing Significant Concrete Flooring Damage
  • Smoothing Rough Spots
  • Adding Decorative Coatings
  • Applying a Protective Sealant

We individualize the restoration process to your business’s needs.

Concrete Floor Coating

Consider Epoxy coating services for concrete flooring. Portland businesses across high-traffic industries can rely on our concrete floor coating services to turn their concrete floor into a durable, chemical-resistant surface. It withstands foot and wheel traffic well and applies quickly.

Concrete floor coating services also allow you to get the desired color and finish. Whether you want flake, solid color flooring, or a metallic shine, you can match your flooring to the rest of your business’s color scheme.

Concrete Floor Sealing

Sealing concrete floors Portland businesses have is an excellent way to protect them. We apply a urethane sealant to your concrete floor that soaks into the ground and coats concrete flooring, preventing it from staining and scratching.

Clear sealant makes your natural concrete or chosen epoxy coating easily visible. Recently polished concrete floors will remain shiny for considerably longer as the sealant protects their structure from heavy machinery and high foot traffic.

Concrete Floor Staining

Businesses looking to change their concrete floor’s appearance dramatically may consider staining as an alternative to changing the color with an epoxy coating. You’ll still reap the benefits of a nonporous surface as it bonds to your concrete surface.

Our concrete staining process uses a chemical reaction that permanently changes the appearance of your concrete floor. Use our concrete floor staining service to make your concrete floor look like sandstone, marble, a decorative pattern, and more.

Benefits of Our Concrete Floor Services in Portland, OR

If you’re considering concrete floors, Portland businesses have many benefits to enjoy. Our professional services and technicians provide your floors with:

  • Sustainability: Sustainable processes allow us to use your existing concrete floor, saving you money and reducing your environmental footprint.
  • Durability: Our services increase the durability of your floor, making it chemical and scratch-resistant and improving its longevity.
  • Versatility: We offer many options for improving your concrete floor’s appearance. We offer many different pigments, patterns, and geometric designs, and our various methods include polishing, staining, and coating.

FAQs – Commercial Concrete Floor Services

How much does it cost to smooth a concrete floor?

When smoothing a concrete floor, Portland businesses will pay depending on the service they receive. Concrete polishing and grinding and seal process are both popular services many companies choose.

Due to the lengthy process, concrete polishing services cost between $7 to $10 per square foot. Alternatively, the concrete grinding process with a urethane seal application costs only around $3.50 to $5 per square foot.

Can concrete floors be repaired?

Most concrete floors in Portland are reparable with help from businesses like Pacific Modular. Our flooring experts can fill cracks, grind away damage, and repair other structural issues. With consistent maintenance, repaired concrete floors can last several years.

Businesses with extensive damage may have better results with a concrete floor replacement or a complete restoration. Our team can determine whether repairs, restoration, or a replacement is best for your floors.

Do concrete floors require maintenance?

Like all concrete floors, Portland concrete flooring requires regular upkeep to maintain its shiny, polished appearance, prevent staining, and ensure your floor lasts for years to come. It’s easy to damage concrete floors with inaction.

Perform maintenance as necessary, including sweeping or mopping daily or weekly, cleaning up spills quickly, and using the proper cleaning solutions for your concrete floor’s pH level. Some unique cleaners strengthen concrete with continued use.

Avoid waxing your polished concrete floor. Wax traps dirt and other debris, causing your concrete floor to look dull.

Commercial Concrete Floor Services Near You in Portland, OR

When you want to repair, transform, and restore your concrete floors, Portland businesses should look no further than the area’s leading solution: Pacific Modular. We are your Portland flooring experts offering the highest-quality concrete floor solutions in your area.

No matter your business’s needs regarding concrete flooring, the Pacific Modular team individualizes services to your flooring requirements, offering the highest level of protection and turning your concrete floor into something you’ll be proud to show customers. Fill out our online contact form or call our Beaverton, OR, office at 503-461-1492.

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